Friday, October 29, 2010

Taking it Easy

Made a mad rush to get my grades in by Thursday, so I could enjoy a lazy Friday. To sabotage my laziness, I diligently sought out some projects, such as making four new cushions for my dining room chairs to match the extra two chairs there. Then if that weren't enough, I decided to reupholster my love seat that had been desecrated by my cat while I was gone to South Carolina during the long weekend a couple of weeks back.

Said cat, is no longer a resident of the house. She has been removed to exterior quarters. She has her own back porch fully equipped with light, fan, plenty of food, cushioned chairs, and the whole back yard to chase lizards in. Just in case anyone is wondering. I have never been happier!

Going back to the love seat, the project is still in the planning stages, with cloth draped over the love seat. By doing so, I noticed a total lack of cloth for one side of the love seat. I need to go back and buy two more yards of cloth. It isn't really as bad as it sounds. I previously had sewn the seat cushion which definitely is the hardest part, so tomorrow I will finally finish it. Once I finish talking and writing about it I plan to go sew the dining room cushions, resulting in an almost totally redecorated living and dining.

Oh no, I just realized, I have to make more cushions for the counter stools...oh no, to where did my lazy weekend go?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

It was with horror that I saw a news report on Aljazerra on a Cholera outbreak in Haiti. I also found an article on Reuters about the situation in Haiti. Many people that read this blog know the Lord, so I urge you all to pray for the people of Haiti, for God to move to help these people. God have mercy on them and that this plague may be stopped and that nations will work together to help Haiti address this issue. Prayer moves mountains.

Playing with Circles: Three New Paintings


Texture, Metallics and Gouache. That is what I have been doing lately when it comes to painting.
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