Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun in and with Water





The Orlando Science Center does have a cute exhibit involving boats, currents, and water. The girls loved this one!
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Waiting for Oranges





The Orange County Science Center, Orlando Florida.
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Fun at the Science Center





The Science Center with its Zimmerman's Orange Production exhibit was what my granddaughters longed to see again. So to the Science Center we went but with a detour at the Briar Patch restaurant in Winter Park first for lunch and dessert: thus the huge chocolate layered cake.

Next the Science Center. Fortunately they had a reciprocal family membership and we all went in for free. In fact, if I had not been with them, I still would have gotten in for free since all Orange County School teachers if they show their badges can go in gratis.

There was lots to see, but we focused on the oranges which by the way really need to be replenished since there were not enough oranges for all the patrons, and the lack of oranges was a little frustrating for some of the little ones. Just look at the picture of the girls, one reaching in sadly for a non-existent orange, and the other holding up her almost empty tray for oranges that would not come. I don't usually complain but the stationary bicycle and the whole comptraction needs to be oiled so all children can take part. Oranges need to be plentiful. Even if we have had a cold snap that shouldn't affect the plastic ones.

I don't think the Science Center administration realizes how many children enjoy that exhibit and how it represents this county. So if you are out there and read this, please fix it! Thank you.
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Tangerine, Florida

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Two weeks ago, I went to the Mt.Dora Art Festival and decided to take a turn around Tangerine to see how the area looked where some friends from my time in Apopka live. You can't pass Tangerine and not take a picture of the cowboy boot on Route 441, also known as Orange Blossom Trail. Then when you reach Lake Ola, you can't just drive by without shooting a picture and on the way capture the Spanish Moss loosing its grip of the old oak trees in this sleepy corner of Orange County. Just couldn't drive by without stopping.

It's Ash Wednesday

A time to reflect, a time to ponder, a time to consider the direction of our lives. Consider the lilies how they neither toil nor labor, but look how beautiful they are. Not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these. What can we achieve by our own worrying? Jesus is right. If it is worry that has us. We can trust Him, his yoke is easy and his burden light. Lent is a time to prepare our hearts to be open to Christ and clear our minds from the clutter that darkens the window to our heart. Lent is a time to set aside the sin that so easily besets us. His yoke is easy and his burden light. We would see Jesus. We would trust him. Lord prepare our hearts. Break the strongholds, cleanse our feet, help us fix our eyes on you. Deliver us from our foolishness and the locust that eats up our time in worthless things. We love you Lord. Your yoke is easy and your burden is light.