Friday, January 22, 2010

Quirky Things

Loose strings, cracked sidewalks, wispy clouds among towering Cumulus puffs, not knowing if to laugh or to cry, and hiccups. Quirky.  Just like red boots and Mary Horowitz.

Mary Horowitz, is the main character in All About Steve played by Sandra Bullock along side handsome Bradley Cooper who plays Steve a TV cameraman and Thomas Haden Church, a newscaster. Mary falls head over heels for this handsome Steve and begins to follow him around. The movie is full of laughter, irony galore, and life lessons. Though it begins with a frenzied sex scene giving it its PG 13 rating, the rest of the movie is quite innocuous yet poignant. The theme is voiced ironically through the hands of a deaf child left behind in a old mine shaft. The metaphor in itself is very touching. Fortunately, for those of us who  enjoy a good comedy, the movie has a good ending for Mary who may seem quirky. If you want to laugh and laugh seeing the contrasting and hilarious situations played out side by side and want to see it all over again, this is the movie for you.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Legoland, New Theme Park in Orlando

If you grew up in the seventies and eighties you might be interested in learning about the new theme park that will be going up in Orlando. Legoland. I remember my son Juan playing for ever with lego and then getting mad at me to have even thought of selling his collection once he left home. Legoland. Now I am sure my daughters will be interested in going, and my eldest with her two girls will, too, not to mention her husband. So where is the new Legoland going to be? At the old Cypress Gardens location in Polk county. How do I know? Follow this link for more information. Now don't you try to buy you ticket yet. Construction hasn't yet started.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So proud!

I went to the Puerto Rico Daily Sun online and they had an excellent cover page of rescue workers leaving for Haiti and dedicating their work to the Lord. Beautiful!

Flowers and Garden



Just a couple of paintings five and a half by seven and a half. Reusing my paper. Sometimes, okay, often I am not satisfied with what I have painted on one side and then I will paint something on the other. So here are some spring flowers in January. Spring is around the corner. Hang in there.
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