Friday, December 26, 2008

Puerto Rico Daily Sun

Got to buy my first edition while here in PR. The Puerto Rico Daily Sun, is a refreshing guilt free newspaper! Just as we feel good when we recycle, reuse, and reduce, because we are doing something positive for the environment and our community, I feel good when I buy the Puerto Rico Daily Sun. This newspaper is a cooperative effort of so many news people who were mistreated and misrepresented by those who administered the former English speaking newspaper for which they worked . The look is clean and sleek and full of pertinent and relevant news related to Puerto Rico's economy, government, and social life. Everyday this newspaper will grow thicker and thicker as people realize that this is a community effort to help Puerto Rico link itself with the rest of the world using English as a lingua franca. Just 50 cents will do this. So go ahead and have a good read.
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Laughing up a Storm

Here I am with my sisters and niece on Nochebuena and then my sisters clowning around in their new aprons, and finding new uses for the conventional potholders. On Christmas day, we all went to Las Lomas where we got together with my other cousins, Damaris, Eva (Evie), and Nardaliz. What a fun time all in all.
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just want to Wish you all a Merry Christmas

Here in PR a lot of families celebrate Christmas, the night before in what we call Nochebuena. Last night my two sisters, some nieces and I got together. We sang, but not so much Christmas carols but mostly Parranda music which is the typical Christmas music played for dancing at Christmas parties.

Of course we danced, opened gifts, and had arroz con gandules, ham, pasteles, and potato salad. This time we didn't have our typical free for all but instead, gave out our gifts in a civilized manner, getting one gift per hour and then at nine the remaining. We had a great time and ate too much, but it is only once a year, so we will forgive ourselves. I was too wound up when I got home a painted till 12, until finally all my extra energy was used up regardless of the fact that I danced too much and laughed too loud. Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope you made lots of memories. I did.