Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer Vacation

Kicking back
Sleeping late
Walking barefoot
Pajamas all day
Sleeveless in Orlando
Lazy afternoons
Afternoon barbecues
Baseball games
Flip flops
Road trips
Plane trips
Hot dogs
Apple Pie, and
Chevrolets, (it was an old commercial)
Enjoying my friends
Visiting my family
Going to the pool
Going to the beach
Building sandcastles
Strolling through a garden
Walking through a park
Breathing in clean air in the Blue Ridge
Astonished by the sea
the dark Sargasso sea
the Caribbean
the Atlantic
The Phosphorescent Bay
A Cherokee rapids
Not grade one more paper

I could just get used to this
Summer Vacation thing.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Shuttle Discovery


On our way back from South Carolina, already approaching Orlando, Juan Daniel and I were listening to Z88.3 when they stopped their regular programming to cover the Discovery Launch at 5:02 in the afternoon. The official narration with complete sound effects served as a backdrop of everything that followed. Since I live on the east side of Orlando, I often hear the sonic booms when the shuttle lands, and sometimes I will remember to run outside for a launch. Generally, I just get to see this tiny white bullet flying briefly out of sight. I was thinking ho hum when it came into view. It seemed like those rocket boosters had pure gold for energy, at least that is what it looked like. As we all know, the visible to the naked eye part of launches takes only a couple of seconds to no more than a minute to transpire. Unfortunately, I was on I-4 driving 65 miles per hour while it was taking off. So by the time Juan had convinced me to pull over the rocket boosters had already separated (which I actually got to see, while driving! unbelievable) and Discovery had hid from view. I fumbled through my purse to find my camera (Juan all the while telling me to enjoy the moment)to take a picture of the plume of smoke that was left behind. Though I wasn't able to take a picture of the gold torch, nevertheless it was quite the sight to behold. I hope maybe some other time we will be so fortunate to see it close up. Frankly, I don't think it could have been cooler than what we saw!
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Introducing Kyle and Abbly Yates


The setting was beautiful Hilton Head beach on Friday, May 30th. It couldn't have been a more beautiful wedding. Juan Daniel and I drove up from Florida to witness the event and I am so glad we did. Kyle, one of Juan's bestfriends was marrying Abby his fiancee after at least 4 years. Howard and Ellen, his parents were there, as well as Ian his brother and you can see them in the collage. Some of Kyle's other high school buddies also came and together they had a blast at the wedding. You can see Paul, Shawn, who was there with his wife and daughter, and Juan Daniel. I just want to wish Kyle and Abby a world of happiness to last them for a lifetime. God bless you.
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