Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mancha de Platano


That is what I am painting. Mi mancha de platano de Naranjito. That is what I am painting these days, Plantains. I hope I get to go to Naranjito and am able to walk down a platanal or plantain field. There is nothing like it. The tall plants form a canopy, and it is cool like as if you are in an airconditioned room. Sweet. Plantanos, here I come!
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Three's Company, I mean Four was Company


I was lucky to have my niece, Virgie, visiting me this past weekend with her husband Hector and two kids. It was a lot of fun to hear children's laughter around the house and someone to play with my small collection of stuffed animals. Virgie said, " For someone with out any kids, you sure have a lot of stuffed animals." Well my extensive collection consists of a couple of teddy bears and some beanie babies I have collected through the years as collectibles. They are so much fun to have around. Anyway, it was fun to have a full house and someone to cook for. Here we are saying goodbye!
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