Saturday, August 11, 2007

Camden, Myrtle Beach and Pawley"s Island

I am still asking myself how I managed to do so much in such a short period of time?Well that was my visit to see Rosa. Rosa apartment is just off her mom's, Miss Mary, house. They share a huge yard which Miss Mary has planted a very special type of pea which her family just loves eating. It was yummy too. So the first Saturday I was there I was able to participate in the shelling of peas and watched as they preserved them. It was so satisfying to see them make such good use of their land and reap such a boutiful harvest of peas, tomatoes and cucumbers. After the shelling Rosa and I went to Mrytle Beach to meet up with her daughter, Lee, and her family. Later we went down to Pawley's Island and scouted the sea oats and fishermen catching a some fish in the marshes. Then on my way back from NC, we went hunting for old quaint buildings. One little shed which I found adorable is in the collage. Also adorable is Aunt Nita, short for Juanita, Rosa 94 year old aunt who happens to be sharp as a whistle and a lot of fun. She works on keeping her health and enjoying life with a good sense of humor. God bless them all!!
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The Blue Ridge Parkway

Can you see why it is called the Blue Ridge Parkway? Once you go you are enticed to go back again and again. The beauty was a sight to behold and it was a cool 71 degrees up there in the middle of the summer. To my surprise there were hundreds of people on the parkway which is a full of recreational parks with activities that include canoes, fishing, picnicking, and an arts and crafts center live demonstrations. What a treat! I just want to go back right away.
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New Friends and the Arts

I met some of the neatest people and talented, too! You can see Bessie, Gina, Michelle, Elizabeth, and I had a fabulous time. Boone and Blowing Rock were in their full glory weren't they?
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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fabulous Summer

The Lord knows I love adventure and my whole summer has been full of it. Of course it is always an adventure to go up and about in Puerto Rico where I spent more than half of my summer, but these past two weeks have been like being on a roller coaster. I drove up to Camden, South Carolina, then added a side trip to Myrtle Beach and Pawleys Island on my convoluted way up to Boone, North Carolina to take a Cheap Joe's Workshop with Carol Cooper. I remember that the first two days was made of none stop smiling because I was like in a dream. It was a real encouragement to me to keep on painting.

Tomorrow I will start putting into words all the fun and learning that went on .