Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tomorrow is October 19th!!! Has it Been 30 Years? Impossible but true!

Top Left to right and around: Annie in Fair View, reflecting on our trip in Stratford upon Avon or is she trying to see her future just around the corner?, hugging Juan in Rome, hugging baby Rosita in Fair View ( is this a pattern?), in Switzerland with me, a composite of her busy life loving Arwen, Chris, and Zanneke today in Brooks, Canada, and much earlier with Nana, Tito, y yo, at six months in Villa Nevarez, and finally with her Wesleyan Academy jacket in Montecarlo. She is all heart! Happy Birthday! Posted by Picasa

Has it been 30 Years?

Annie, has it been thirty years since I first met you, well, that I first cuddled you? Thirty years... the emotion swells up inside of me when I remember talking to you once you were born, in a sweet soft shrill voice I told you that I was right there with you and you stopped crying. You stopped crying when you heard my voice. What an amazing thing it was to have that connection with you, seconds after you were born.

You made it so easy to be a parent, Annie. (Except for the gastroenteritis and colics. But that didn't last long.) So I learned my lessons with you and as a result, I improved with Rosita and Juan Daniel. I was very fortunate to have you as a daughter! You were obedient and respectful and a good example to your brother and sister. Any way you have added so much to my life with all your love and carinos. So many wonderful memories of seeing you smile, fight hard, and succeed at most everything you set your heart to do! I am so proud of you! I want to wish you a wonderful 30th birthday, and we have a raincheck to go shopping together for your present when you come in November, si Dios lo permite. Un beso y un abrazo, amor. Que Dios te bendiga.