Monday, February 13, 2006

A Day at Disney

Juan came down for a surprise visit to Orlando on Saturday, with his girlfriend Brandy and her son Derrick. One of Brandy's dreams was to go to Disney, and that we did on Sunday! It turned out to also be the coldest day in the last three years in Florida. While we were having record cold temperatures here, the north was having record snow falls. Anyway, we drank lots of hot tea and hot cocoa and made it through the fun day. I had never done so much in one day at Disney. Some of the sites visited were, Tommorowland Transit Authority, Space Mountain (w/o me! of course),Indy Speedway, Mad Tea Party, It's a Small World, The Haunted Mansion, Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a show at the Cinderella Castle. We also had a mad rush to the Monorail, being the last people to board, after they said no more boarders! But we made it! It was too cold to stay for the parade and fireworks, since it was already 40 degrees when we got to the car. We all had a great time and have lots of pictures to remember it.

Juan Daniel is a professional photographer today! Posted by Picasa

Derrick getting ready for his picture. Posted by Picasa

Juan and Derrick having fun at the Indy Speedway. Posted by Picasa

Spinning around on the Buzz Lightyear's Ranger Spin. Posted by Picasa

Brandy is all smiles on Main Street Disney World. Can this be Florida? Posted by Picasa

What a way to end a chilly night at Disney with Fireworks at the Cinderella Castle!  Posted by Picasa