Saturday, January 21, 2006

Down to the Details

Snow with leaves. nbsp;Posted by Picasa

Winter Wonderland

This is how a Puerto Rican girl living in Florida enjoys winter. You go out there, get in it, breath it in, take pictures, and never shovel it. And you do it with a big warm coat and a camera! Posted by Picasa

Can you spot the cardinals Posted by Picasa

Feet in the snow, and guess what I wasn't a bit chilly... Rosita made me buy a wonderfully warm coat that let me enjoy the cold winter weather! Posted by Picasa

Slippery Slope

The Konings. What a beautiful home. Now about the entrance, does Rosita have a story to tell about where her car landed. I'll let her tell the story. It is bound to be more fun, not to mention accurate. Posted by Picasa

A view from the icicles Posted by Picasa

Sparrow at bird feeder Posted by Picasa

Good fences frame a snow covered field in Zeeland MI, just to the side of the Konings home. Posted by Picasa

Rosita is beating Kendall at Mancala Posted by Picasa

Squirrel at Bird Feeder Posted by Picasa

Rosita is enjoying a lucky streak and beat us all into bankrupcy, as Kendall, Lil and I watch! Posted by Picasa