Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Here's Annie now

With one of her precious daughters, Arwen, with a big smile on her face! Typical, isn't that wonderful. Happy birthday again! Posted by Picasa

A little older now

Our lives have changed so much but life is good. Annie is very active at church with the youth group. She has really close friends Christina Melendez, Coppelia Gandara, and Carmen Rivera. They are constant sleepovers and outings. Here we all went to Old San Juan for the Regatta which was the 500th year celebration of the Discovery of America. Posted by Picasa


When you were 12 you told me that you were already a teenager, since you were 12 + months...who could deny that! Posted by Picasa

A cheerleader for Cupey Maria Montessori

Now what did you do to earn that ribbon? Posted by Picasa

Learning to walk

We are in the backyard in FairView. Almost a year old. Posted by Picasa

All together now

Here Annie is getting ready for her kindergarten graduation! She is a big sister to Rosita. Posted by Picasa

My favorite picture

Today is Annie birthday and she is 29 years old. Happy Birthday! In your honor I am doing a picture diary showing you growing up. Here we are when you were only a couple of months. God was very good to us. Posted by Picasa

At Boqueron

This was our second outing to a beach but this time we stayed for a weekend at the Boqueron Balneario. We had an awesome time collecting shells, walking the beach. Pictured from left to right are Sarita, Annie, myself, Michelle, Mami behind me, Nana y Tito (que en paz descansen) enjoying each others company. Papi Jean took the picture. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 17, 2005

Juan and Brandy at the Ring Hop

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Here comes Juan

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The bagpipes lead the exit with Scottish music

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The boom from the cannon reverberates over the field

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There is something about a cannon blasting when it is your son's last field march before he graduates.  It was a touching experience as I look back and remember the flood of emotions: pride, nostalgia for an end of a chapter, nervousness because of the many hats I had to wear, and then knowing that this was a happy day for my son, and just to be there to support him.  What was that blast signalling?

Now in formation they are very serious!

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Chatting before the Parade

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Juan with his friend Rodney

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This is a very old abandoned Texaco station on the crossing to Walterboro. It is one of the prettiest spots on the drive on 17 from Charleston to I-95. Posted by Picasa

Here's Lydia. Sharp picture, ha? I couldn't do that pose with my skirt on! Posted by Picasa

Here I am with the marsh behind me near the river that divides Charleston from James Island. I think it is the Wando River, but what do I know? Posted by Picasa

The Citadel Mascots. Posted by Picasa

Here's Juan with the other Battalion Officers. As you enter the Murray Barracks, there is a big board with about 16 names on them and Juan's is up there, HAO Canino. I felt very proud to see it. He is in the second row here. Posted by Picasa

On Saturday of Parents' Weekend throngs of people were waiting for the big parade. The scene was repeated all around the campus. Posted by Picasa

Juan and Brandy at the Citadel waiting to get our pictures taken. Later we went on a horse and buggy ride around the grounds.  Posted by Picasa