Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Getting ready for an adventure

Actually I am getting ready for two adventures. First I am planning to go see Juan Daniel this weekend up in Charleston and hopefully see my friends Ruth Anne, Lydia, Mrs. Glover and the rest of the family. Then maybe a short hop up to Camden and see Rosa, making sure I stay on the main highways, especially after my experience cutting through the country. You would have thought that these people had never seen a Mustang being driven by a woman before. Anyway, this time I will be driving a PT Cruiser which is a little more boring to the masses. Frankly, I like my PT a lot but I know it doesn't have the mystic of a Mustang, Praise God!

(Later in the month I plan to go to PR for a month to stay with my Mom, which will be another adventure. More on that later.)

To start getting ready for the road I drove up to Daytona Beach this weekend to Ponce Inlet. I managed to enjoy myself a lot, but I got a little ill on something and had to drive straight back. Not a good plan. So, I plan to be a lot more careful on my drive up since my friend Cassandra decided she wasn't coming with me, boo hoo. I really don't enjoy long drives alone, but they have always turned out to be spiritual adventures for me, and hopefully this one will be one, too. There are so many beautiful things to see on the way, just like in life and surprises that you know God placed just for you. I am already getting psyked up. So will you all keep me in your prayers for traveling mercies and a trip full of blessings?