Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Veggie Stand on Fl 441

A visit to Mt.Dora must include a stop at the veggie stand on 441 also known as Old Dixie Highway.  Found among the produce were watermelon,  sweet potatoes which were clean as a whistle, some huge red tomatoes, and some nice hot boiled peanuts.  If I  understood the gentleman correctly, the friit stand has been there over twenty years.  That is quite the achievement!  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Philosophical or We are only Stewards

If you really think you OWN something, you are mistaken!  I mean, I have been around a couple of decades now...not wanting to date myself, but I have lived longed enough to know we don't own or possess anything for ever.  I remember the furniture I had in the seventies: freshly painted white rattan with colorful semirough cushions.  Why did we choose that cloth anyway?  But yeah.  I gave that furniture away, years ago and someone else has it.  I have kept a lot of things for various reasons but if I could,  I would give that stuff away, too, if releasing them were to take me to a better place.

I don't want stuff to hold me back from my dreams.

My dreams...umm.  What are my dreams, anyway?

I would love to be the "administrator" of:

a garden for one full of herbs, tomatoes, and flowers;

an art studio full of brushes, paints, and watercolor paper;

a comfortable dining room and kitchen, where I could receive guests and
entertain... serve dinner and have a pleasant conversation and laughter.

and finally a comfortable bedroom and books to read.

That is it.

For now, I have pretty much what I like.... the garden is a container garden on my porch.  I have more than I need, and I live in a peaceful place but I do have too much.

I hope to begin changing that because we don't know when things will change.  I would rather give things away while I can and have the health to do it than wait and have to rush to do it.  Besides that I want to live a more decluttered life where I have room for the things I think are important.

So let's see how this evolves but I know, I am crystal clear, I don't really own any of this, it is just borrowed, lent out to me, and one of these days it will be returned to the ultimate owner.  I wantto be found to be a good steward.   Definitely.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Good to the Last Drop

I love to paint but with the prices on watercolor these days, you have to work hard at getting your investment back.   I hate finding that a lid to a tube of my paint has cracked when I go to squeeze that tube the paint has hardened inside.  I need the color but it won't squeeze out.  What to do?    Well, I found a solution.  You locate a good pair of scissors and you start snipping away at the tube preferably from the bottom making a horizontal cut.  You actually make a complete cut across.  The good thing with watercolor paints contrary to acrylics is that the paint softens with water and becomes useful again where as acrylics become a hard lump.  It doesn't matter that the paint is hard as a rock.  It is still good!

So if you look at the tubes above you will notice what I did.  I cut them open and I found a oil paint spatula and started scooping the precious paint out into a palatte tray, ready to be used.  I recouped at least a couple of dollars worth of paint which will hold me over until I can order more and it can be delivered.  

This little solution can make the difference between finishing a painting or not.  I am glad I tried.