Saturday, August 03, 2013


 These are the cutest caterpillars I have ever seen in my life.   In fact, I almost didn't see them.  Look at them.  They are cameoflaged!  Then they attach themselves to the bottom of a leaf and chew away.  In fact,  they virtually chewed up my tomato plant in two days.  If I hadn't had a tomato growing on it which suddenly disappeared from the plant I would not have stopped to examine the plant and the surroundings.  I did find the tomato later where it had dropped from the plant and rolled under another plant.  Unfortunately, the tomato was no longer edible and it was chewed up as well.

So now to plant another plant.  You don't win them all!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daylily and a Tropical Plant

 Morning dew pictures part two.  I don't know what the top one is but it is a tropical plant.  The next two are of a daylily I got about two years ago through freecycle.  It took two years to bloom but I think it was worth the wait!

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Beyond Organic

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Three Senses

Sometimes I find it challenging to stay absolutely focused when reading the Bible, so for devotions I tried something different. I mimed what I was reading as I was doing it.  This seems to make total sense because I am using at least three of the senses as I am doing it.  I found that as I did, I was truly focused on what I was reading and saying outloud.  So as I read Psalms 23, I enacted the rod, tall and rounded at the top, when walking in the valley of the shadow of death, I put one hand over the other forming a shadow.  Doing this mime becomes a mini drama and you don't miss words. If you do the Lord reminds you.  I also did Psalms 91 and I had forgotten about the cobra, and then went back and mimed trampling it very appropriately as we are constantly dealing with that old serpant whether it is spiritully or sometimes in the body.  When I mimed "thy rod and thy staff" that comfort me, I raised the rod in the right hand and the staff on the left, and they met above me in the form of the cross as well as forming a shelter.

As I did that I became involved in the Word that was being read and the truth of it became part of the experience of worship and devotion. Thank you, Lord! I was blessed.

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Close Encounter of the Snake Kind!

It must have been sunning itself in the grass when I inadvertantly disturbed it.

This morning I was cleaning out an area in the back of my yard that has one medium size tree and is surrounded by palmetto palms.  Sorely needing a bit of cleaning out, I set about doing it myself.  While I was doing it I was well aware that there is an elusive snake in my backyard.  In fact as I was cleaning under the plumbago and trimming back the bushes I was happy that I was eliminating a place where that pesky snake could hide or any other uninvited guests could slumber.  Fortunately, as I chopped and trimmed away there, there was no sign of the snake.  Even when I walked around the pine needle laden corner where a tree grows with invasive vines which are trying to overtake the tree, I thought maybe I should get sturdier shoes and slacks, but I didn't.  Again, there was no sign of the snake.  I only had rubber flip flops on so I was a bit vulnerable and even wondered what I would do if a snake were to bite me.  Would I drive myself or call 911?  I'm still not sure what I would do but I'm leaning on calling 911.

Anyway, that was this morning so after doing a hundred other things, I felt it was time to pick up the debris and place it all neatly in a trash can for pick up.  I confidently walked outside to the backyard hurrying to beat the rain and focused on the trashcan to drag it over to the branches when I sensed something was out of place.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw it.  There it was all stretched out, all two and a half feet of a very healthy black racer.  Water moccasins have big heads, don't they? This thing had it's little head lifted up and staring at me! How fresh! I had a chance to look at it because the sly thing didn't race away and I was frozen as well but then I screamed! Then I jumped back and the snake turned around and slithered quickly into the palmettos.

It happened so fast I can't even remember what I said.   I know I didn't curse, but I was upset and shaking.  Darn it.  This is not going to stop me, I thought to myself.  So I grabbed a piece of that thick vine and cut it about four feet long and started whipping it away. I hit the trash can,  the ground, around the base of the tree, on the pine needles, on the cut branches.   I made all this noise so it would get the message that I was there and was going to be there for a while.  Well, I filled up the trash can while banging away.   I still need to fill up another.  There is still some debris out there which I need to pick up but be sure I am going to make some racket before I go out there again and that darn snake better head for the hills if she knows what is good for her!  I mean it.  Not that way, I mean it could be a he for all I know!

So here I am in the coolness of my airconditioned house waiting to decide if to put on slacks and some tennis shoes before I go out again.  I am really thinking about it!

I Believe in God

The heavens declare His glory and so does the earth.  "For the invisible things  of him [God] from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse." Romans 1:20.

Look at the intricate design of this spider web, embedded in the grass that only upon close examination do we see it.   Everything is complex and I could go on and on.

I am simply grateful.

These are my morning dew pictures. How can we explain beauty?

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