Saturday, July 20, 2013

Butterflies and Lizards

 Thinking my beach walk experience was over, suddenly two butterflies fluttered by.  There was still more beauty to see! As I reached for my camera, I was dreading that these butterflies would vanish in the bush but I was able to capture them on film.  What a relief!  What a treat! Then as I moved on, I found a big blue-gray Puerto Rican lizard gliding in the brush.  My camera was ready but not being a ballerina myself, every small step seemed to only set him moving further and further away, but he stopped and I zoomed in! Snap! I got him!  It may not be the best picture, but I got him!  Can you find him?

What a wonderful morning!

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 Evidencia de que estuve alli!

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Time to Clean up Playa Larga in Maunabo, Puerto Rico

This is what I saw this morning on this beautiful tropical paradise:  A trash studded beach! No, I couldn't believe it!  This beach is part of a Nature Preserve, but there it was littered with trash.  Grant you, the type of trash that it was looks more of the type of illegal immigrant than something some one left on the beach after a visit.  There were old milk crates, empty plastic bottles, a tangled lift jacket,  a cracked ping pong ball, and even a fisherman's thick roped net!  It was unbelievable.

It looks to be a big job but with a lively group of volunteers they could make the work light.  Perhaps the town could chip in a truck as well to haul off the stuff.  Maybe the Sierra Club of Puerto Rico could get involved.  It is such a shame that such a lovely beach could be so littered.

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Hora de Limpiar la Playa Larga en Maunabo

 Esto es lo que vi esta manana en esta hermosa playa que es parte de una reserva natural.  La major parte de la basura que vi creo que viene del mar.  Seria una excelente actividad para un grupo de voluntarios ya que es mucho el trabajo pero entre muchos se hace mas liviano.  Seria una buena actividad para el Sierra Club de Puerto Rico o un grupo de estudiantes conscientes del ambiente.

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Caminando Por la Playa Larga de Maunabo

 Esto es parte de lo que vi esta manana caminando por la Playa Larga de Maunabo con vista del Faro Punta Tuna.

This is part of what I saw this morning as I walked "La Playa Larga" or Long Beach in Maunabo with its view of the lighthouse.

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When Given Lemons...

When given lemons make lemonade.  That is what they say.  Some tenants broke an expensive glass table and left me this. I wasn't in town to see what they had left.  Of course they will never get a recommendation from me!  I know I could sue but why bother to go through the hassle and expense.  Instead,  I decided to  clean up this old table and chair and reupholster the cushions.

First, I took them apart and analyzed what I had there.  Some very soiled covers, six chairs, two of which were rickety, and some covers which could be difficult to redo, especially the back rest. The seat was easy enough; cut cloth to measure and staple it to the chair cushion, but the back was more complicated.
I could figure it out.  No nails holding the cushions in yet they seemed firmly in place.  Finally,  I accidently pushed one out.  I had found my solution!

Next I checked how the cushion had been made originally.  The cover was actually two flaps cut to size that had been glued with contact cement.  I tried doing it that way but the cloth I was using was getting frayed.

Then it hit me!   Use the sewing machine!  So I did.  I cut the cloth to measure right on the cushion, pinned it on right side in, basted, and then sewed.  Then I turned that right side up and slipped the narrow pillow-case cover on,  sewing it shut at the bottom. No more frayed edges.  I do have to redo the first redone back rest since I had tried doing in with two loose flaps but all the others are done. The chair at the bottom is the final result.

Here's my lemonade!

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