Monday, October 08, 2012

Electric Bill Goes Down

How did I manage to cut my electric bill?  Well, I stopped believing a lie.  The lie, well, let's call it a misconception, an inaccuracy, a misguided statement, but frankly it was a lie! What am I talking about? Well, I have central airconditioning in my house.  I had always heard that using a ceiling fan would reduce the strain on my airconditoner, thus reducing my light bill.

Well, I figured first of all that if I wasn't in the room, I didn't need to have the ceiling fan on because as we all know if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it,  was there any sound?  I did go to college you know, but frankly, this is common sense.  Why have the fan going if I am not there to enjoy it?  So I went around the house turning off those darn fans that only twirled the dust anyway.  In so doing, in this time when the cost of a kilowatt of energy has gone up my bill went down.  So if you had swallowed that lie about fans saving you money, well no.  Don't believe it, unless of course you don't have central air and you live on a tropical island, and then yes it is a cheaper means to cool off, but not in Central Florida.

It has been a painless way of saving.  Of course I also turn off the lights in those rooms I'm not in and I sometimes hang my clothes to dry outside or inside.  I also don't use the dryer and that too is not that painful.  

Just thought I would share.  Maybe you can save some money, too.  It wouldn't hurt, would it?

First Cold Front of the Season

Finally.  Yes, finally, it has been a row of interminable days of summer.  Though the calendar says Autumn the weather had said no. So yes, finally.  But what comes next?  Complaints of chilly nights having to find a night cap to keep my head warm as I sleep in a icy room.  You can not have the cake and eat it.

The weather is turning cooler and
with it comes the wonderful range of yellows, oranges, and rusty reds.
I just can't wait to see them like long lost friends.
The weather is turning cooler.
Finally, Fall is here, and yes it will mean
dusty leaves to rake,
then that old North Wind sweeping down,
rustling our hair,
chilling our backs, and
making the little leaves dance.
I might have to crochet myself a night cap,
but who cares.
The seasons are changing.
The world is in order.

No summer lasts for ever and
some nice crisp Fall weather can do us all some good.

Now where did I put my Apple Cider Tea?