Friday, October 19, 2012

Day Off

What to do on a day off? Go on a fabulous trip to north Georgia to see the changing season?  Take a trip to the beach and walk for miles on end with the nice breeze?  How about going shopping in St.Augustine?  All of these are great ideas, but I think I will play catch up instead.

How about redecorating?  Perhaps, put up my hammock before the weather gets too cold to be outside. Another idea is to do some decluttering which I already started.  Perhaps even clean out some items from my crowded closet and use them for a garage sale or just take them to Goodwill to help someone get a job.  I think I am going with my second list.  The leaves in Georgia are not in their peak so two more weeks will be just fine for that trip to see the beautiful oranges and reds.

So redecorating and catching up it is! I know in the long run it will make for a more relaxing future, but before I get to all that hard work, let me make some tea.

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