Friday, September 21, 2012

Joy Store in San Patricio Plaza

 This is what you call shopping with a purpose.  What is the purpose you might ask?  Well, it's mutual; you buy what you need and when you do, you help an organization that helps others.  All the proceeds of this antique/thrift store go directly to help El Hogar Del Buen Pastor located in Puerta de Tierra... This shop helps the homeless get back on their feet.  So whenever you go there you help others.  Whether you buy, donate goods, volunteer, or give a monetary donation, your help will be appreciated.  I can tell you they are very friendly and helpful, as well as, having very nice things.  Many of the items are slightly used but in excellent conditions. Others are brand new.  I saw beautiful girl's dresses, hats, a leather recliner (which I would have bought if someone hadn't beat me to it first!), a lovely six chair dining table, clothes, books, gift baskets, CD's, and much more.  So if you are in for a bargain or if you want to help out, go to the Joy Store for El Hogar Del Buen Pastor.  The Good Shepherd,  I know you will bless them and frankly, you will be blessed by helping!

For more information about El Hogar del Buen Pastor you may contact Sister RoseMarie Gonzalez at:
(787) 721-8579  email:
or visit their website at

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