Friday, August 17, 2012

Faculty Meeting

There was something my principal said today that really caught my attention.  She said,  (I'm paraphrasing) when we have those difficult students in class which invaribly happens, we need to remember, "that their parents had sent us their very best." This child was their very best.  Think about it.  Why should we be negative about a child who is of infinite worth?  He or she has their bumps and bruises emotionally but they are hopefully their parent's treasure.  On the other hand,  I wish kids would also receive the esteem and value we hold them in.  What I think that happens is that in middle school kids are trying to impress their peers rather than their parents.  This is where we need to keep their parents in the loop so that they stay true to their core.

Of course I have always tried to treat my students with the same care and affection that I hold for my own three children, but for some reason this really meant a lot to me.  It was a good reminder.  I will try to remember this while I am teaching my new students.

Talking about students, I had two students come by to see me last night, during open house.  Actually not just two, I had numerous come to say hello and give me hugs but none surprised me as these two. Why?  These were two that I didn't expect since they were always talking and causing trouble.  Yet they also came by to say hello.  That was unexpected.  Perhaps to mend fences. I hope so.   I received them well, I thought.  I asked them how they were doing and how high school had been so far.  In fact, one stayed in the classroom as I explained the supplies list.  It was good to see them and for them to come in a sense to let me know they were maturing and doing better.  I so much desire for them to do well and work hard to graduate and go on to better things.  Time will tell!

I hate it when I don't remember their names! Darn it.

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