Saturday, September 24, 2011

UARS Satellite has come in

According to NASA it entered the earth atmosphere around 11:23 last night and probably crashed into the Pacific Ocean. I wonder how many fish and mammals were hurt with the debris and was there anything toxic on board. I think NASA needs to take responsibility over this kind of situation so it never happens again. Perhaps explosives that can be remotely activated so a satellite can be destroyed before it can come in one big chunk. Another idea is for the defective vehicle to be netted up and retransported back to the earth. I wonder why that could not have happened. I assume because it was in a too of a low orbit and it was like trying to catch a butterfly with unwieldy instruments. That is why my first alternative sounds like a better idea.

Frankly, I don't know about you, but I sure did not like the idea of that UAR satellite crashing into the earth and only having our crossed fingers, some telescopes, and instrumentation to tell us about it. It seems pretty irresponsible of NASA to shoot something out into space and then not take responsibility for disposing of it. It was their trash after all. Back home if we throw something out on the street and do not throw it away properly we get fined. I think legislation should be put into place globally that those governments that put objects into space should have a plan of how to safely dispose of such objects if they become defective and can no longer function correctly. In fact, I understand there is a lot of trash floating around in the upper atmosphere that needs to be cleaned up because it poses a danger to those orbiting space. Just like we go out and clean our beaches, there should be a mission to clean out the trash out there.

As teenagers out there say, "I'm just saying."

Friday, September 23, 2011

UARS Satellite expected sooner

NASA is now saying the expected entry of the UARS Satellite will be from 11:45 P.M. to 12:45 A. M. EDT. It is now 11:22 P.M. September 23, 2011.

The latest update from NASA is that the UARS Satellite will make its reentry sooner rather than later. Read the story here.

Post note:

The satellite entered earth atmosphere sometime after 11:23 last night and is said to have scattered over the Pacific Ocean according to NASA.

El Satelite UARS esta a punto

Este satelite Estadounidense esta a punto de hacer su entrada a la atmosfera terrestre y se estima que su hora de entrada sera de 11P.M. a 3 A.M. esta noche, el 23 de septiembre a el 24 de septiembre del 2011. La NASA tiene la esperanza de que caiga en el oceano Atlantico o en el Pacifico y todos decimos "Amen" a eso! Francamente ninguno de nosotros tenemos deseo de ver ese satelite hecho projectil caer en ningun lugar cerca de nosotros. Dios nos favoresca.

Para leer mas informacion detallada vayan a la Sociedad Astronomica de Puerto Rico donde podran conseguir mas informacion detallada.

Tambien pueden leer el ultimo enlace que dice que el satelite va hacer su entrada de 11:45 P.M. esta noche a eso de las 12:45 A.M. osea dentro de unos 20 minutos a una hora.

Bueno a descansar y orar que caiga en el oceano, y Senor que no cause un terremoto. En el nombre de Jesus. Amen!