Saturday, August 06, 2011

Four New Bookmarks

Are they mini-works of art or bookmarks? You decide. I think you can see or use them as both a small work of art or a book mark. That is if you still have some of those handy obsolete things called books. I think books will always be around, but what do I know, right.

Anyway, enjoy the book marks, I know I did, making them!

You can find these on this link ETSY store
and if that doesn't work copy and paste this url to the address line:
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Friday, August 05, 2011

Free Shuttle Wallpaper

Did you not catch the Last Shuttle Landing because it was a barely visible dawn landing? That is exactly what happened to me and my family when we braved the early morning hours in Titusville two weeks ago. In addition to it being dark, the Shuttle does not have any blinking lights so you can't see it in the dark. To make it even more difficult, the commander of the Atlantis decided to do a fly around the Kennedy Space Center and changed his route and some of us got caught looking the other way! Not funny!

Well, guess what? We can get a consolation prize! Go to the Orlando Sentinel website at the link below and you can download a photo of the Final Shuttle Landing by Red Huber from the Orlando Sentinel and use it as a wallpaper on your computer! Frankly, I would have liked to see it myself! Just saying...

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Juno Rocket off to Jupiter

Do you see that squiggly cloud behind the cumulus clouds? That is the trail left behind the Atlas rocket that propelled the new robotic Juno shortly after noon from the Kennedy Space Center headed for Jupiter to discover what is really out there. Well, we won't find out right away, since it will take Juno five years before it reaches that huge planet. So cross your fingers that you will be around to find out what it discovers.

For more details about the launch and mission please follow the links below:

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I should be grateful

Went to the grocery store and bought some fruits, including some bananas and peaches. But I am spoiled. Spoiled like my son who went to Italy this summer and pizza back home is nothing in comparison to the pizzas in the mom and pop shops around any corner in Italy. I am spoiled by South Carolina peaches.

What will the first bite taste like of this grocery store staple? I was careful not to buy my peaches without the semi orange and yellow tightly coloring the stem, just like the experts recommend and not too soft to be mushy and not too hard to be green. So here's is my first bite. A disappointment, sure it tastes good, but it isn't ooey gooey sweetness dripping down the side of your chin to quickly wipe off neatly with a paper towel or napkin. No, South Carolina peaches have spoiled peaches for me for life.

I had a stash of SC peaches in the refrigerator waiting for me when I got back from Puerto Rico with only one or two going bad leaving me with about 8 peaches, eating one dutifully a day. What a treat, but alas, they are all gone. It happens to all of us, doesn't it? Harvest comes and harvest goes. Thank goodness for new days and next year.

Got to be grateful.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Shopping at the Drugstore Today

"Good morning," I said to the attendant behind the photograph machine.

"How may I help you?"

"I need an ink cartridge for Canon Model 250?"

"We don't have that."

"Can you fill them?"


"Which models for Canon do you have?"

"210 and 211."

"The 211 is the one I need." You see he hadn't bother to check which cartridge went with the model. So he was a little embarrassed.

"Do you have recycled ones?

"Have you ever done that here before?

Wait he didn't answer my question. "I'm sorry but you didn't answer my question. You responded with a question." This is where I was wrong and said that was not proper.

He finally said, no they didn't have recycled ones and he could not refill it either. My choice was to buy a 28 dollar new one.

So he ended well finally being patient and telling me Office Max would give me a three dollar discount on my purchase.

Sometimes shopping can be so tedious, can't it?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Painting Sunflowers

Several years ago, I visited a breathtaking field full of bees, wasps, insects of all kinds, and row upon row of sunflowers! I took numerous pictures and only left because I had to get back to Orlando, and of course there wasn't a hotel on the premises! Actually, I was on private property!Shhh, don't tell anyone!

In any case, that visit, years later is producing these happy paintings on my left.
I revisited those pictures last night and these paintings are the result. Hope you like them.

If you would like to purchase them they are available on my ETSY store. Click on the word ETSY and you will be linked to my store.
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Signature Signs of Charleston

Dreamy gardens, welcoming brick steps, secure fences, elaborate gates,
porches perched up high and higher with a room with a view to the're in Charleston!

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Around Charleston Recently

Quaint, quaint, quaint, and elegant. Looked like July, didn't it?

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