Saturday, July 30, 2011

Visiting St Augustine with a Pet

Well, I recently joined the pet lovers society. I am delighted with my new pet, Gin, who keeps me busy and gives me company. To add to the pleasure she is so cute and so much fun. Sorry, but that means she will be coming out often in my travel pictures as I go from one state to another or as I visit a state park, etc. on my Silver Hair Adventures. I hope to have her for many years to come.

Last week, I had the opportunity to go to St. Augustine with my sister, niece and her husband. Fortunately, Gin, traveled so well that she did not cause any disturbance. In fact she was perfectly civil in and out of the car. So when we got to downtown St. Augustine which I have visited several times, I decided to wait it out as my sister went to see the San Marcos Castle and the Oldest Schoolhouse. I was content with feeding and watering and playing and relaxing with Gin, at the Zero Marker on the grounds of the Visitor's Center. The Zero Marker is located to the left of the center's building and is a shaded garden with several benches, a refreshing fountain, Crape Myrtles...I was in my zone!

What I like about pets is that they make you slow down and "smell" the roses... and they won't take a no for an answer. I know that she is in training and it can be a little inconvenient right now as she learns to toilet train and well, become an obedient house dog, but the result will be a wonderful little companion. Picture me with a big smile!
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Some Seismic Activity in the Eastern Antilles

Some of that seismic activity in the Eastern Antilles is centered off the Mona Passage between the Domincan Republic and Puerto Rico. Generally we have seen earthquakes in the 2.0 to 3.3 range in recent months but in the last twenty four hours we had a 4.0 in eastern Dominican Republic and a 4.6 slightly north of the Mona Passage, as well as, a cluster of at least ten smaller ones. If things quiet down for a day, a larger one seems to burst forth as energy is bottled up somewhere deep in the earth. Again, I will take a multitude of small quakes than that sudden burst of energy that can really wreck havoc.

See the US Geological Survey map here

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two Angry Drunks

Outrageous! What a way to represent your family, hometown, and country! I ran across this news through Facebook chatter. Two Puerto Rican men attack an American Airlines pilot because he had them removed from his plane because they were drunk or under the influence of drugs. They become enraged and then take it out on the pilot who has them removed. Thank goodness that other passengers came to the rescue. My question is, why wasn't the police waiting for them at the gate seeing that the plane came back to the airport? I don't think a pilot needs to put him or herself at risk removing intoxicated passengers.

Dos individuos de Las Piedras deshonran a Puerto Rico

Y que digan que son boricuas! Hasta los tainos bajarian la cabeza y sentirian verguenza con las acciones de estos dos individuos de Las Piedras. Que bochorno para ese pueblo de que dos individuos de alli estuvieran embriagados y endrogados en un vuelo de American. Y cuando reciben consecuencias por sus acciones, se pongan indignados y agresivos, al punto de propinarle una tunda al piloto. Ojala reciban un buen castigo que los haga pensar dos veces como se deben comportar en publico.

Le han traido verguenza a su familia, su pueblo, y su isla. Arrepientanse!

Mas informacion que salio hoy en El Nuevo Dia

Lo que mas apena es la reaccion de los hijos de Luis Baez, que comenzaron a llorar desconsoladamente cuando oyeron la noticia de lo que habia sucedido. Mientras se va desenvolviendo la noticia se ve un cuadro de unos hombres que han tomado malas decisiones poco a poco llevandolos a un precipicio del mismo mogote empinado donde viven. Mientras hay vida hay esperanza...ojala La comunidad y autoridades tomen conciencia y los encaminen en un programa de desintoxicacion y de valores... que las iglesias en al comunidad tomen accion en ayudar la juventud...Vamos a orar por Puerto Rico... cada individuo cuenta y representa a nuestro pais.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Snapshots of a Summer

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Miramelindas en el Yunque

For some reason the miramelindas or as we say in English, impatiens, did not come out in the April 11, blogger entry, so here they go again.

¡¿Que lindas, verdad?
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