Sunday, May 22, 2011

Obama's Israeli-American Relations

I join the ranks of many Jewish and Christian Americans, appalled with President Obama's suggestion that Israel give up the land that it gained during the Six Day War, in 1967. His comments came a day ahead the Israeli visit to the White House and seemed a comment meant to coddle the opposition than to receive the Israeli Prime Minister with dignity and respect. The mask is off. No amount of words can cover the President's agenda.

See the comments in the following linked article, where Jewish American leaders are withdrawing their support for Obama.


Employment Experts said...

It's a shame that a politician who I look up to would ignore the obvious human rights violations by Israel. It's really a shame that apartheid still exists in this world and I sincerely hope that U.S. policies to diplomacy in the Middle East developing into something more peaceful.

It is true that Hamas is terrible. But in my mind, Obama needs to bring the situation between these two states into perspective and see the tracks of trot committed.

linda said...

Hi Elba! Thank you, Elba, for reminding us that as believers in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, we must continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Kelvin and I will always stand with Israel. Here is an article about the important words President Benjamin Netanyahu shared with President Obama in his recent visit to the US:
We left our hearts in Jerusalem when we traveled there in 2007, and 2008. Israel is embedded in our heart and we look forward to some day returning... here's a beautiful word on the Kotel:
Let us always remember those amazing words spoken over 3,000 years ago when God told Moses in Exodus 3:14 "I AM WHO I AM." "Thus shall you say to the children of Israel, I AM has sent me to you." The great I AM is "the Way, and the Truth and the Life" and He is going to have the final Victory! May Israel come to know Messiah, the Prince of Peace. Shabbat Shalom. In His Love, Linda

Elba said...

Linda, love your comments. Yeshua is Lord!