Saturday, May 08, 2010

Had Forgotten

I had forgotten ...
the beauty of yellow wildflowers on the edge of many Florida roads and empty lots
how lovely the St. John River looks when it is overflowing its spacious banks
how bushy palmettos are
how tall Royal Palms can be
how quaint the town of Christmas is
how many road traps there are in Bushnell
is it Bushnell? just past Chuleota and before Christmas
how I would love to go on a air boat ride
how much I love road trips
tropical plants
how I can't wait till summer
but have to
how I wish weekends were longer
how much I missed my son
and how much I enjoy his company
and how glad I am to be his mother
and to my girls, too
and how thankful I had an excuse to come visit.

Happy Mother's Day to all those who love children
Their children
and those of others
We are blessed indeed!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Bougainvillea Incognito


These were also taken at school hidden in full view. Many people just walk on by and don't take the time to smell the roses. Well in this case the bougainvillea. Oh, I forgot these don't smell, but you get the idea.
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What kind of plant is this?


A bilingual riddle or enigma.

Some clues:

It's in bloom everywhere in Central Florida.

It like a wildflower bush.

It has beautiful flowers clustered in bouquets.

It has a wonderful fragrance.

What is it?

Veo veo, que ves? Una cosita. Con que letrecita? Con la letrecita F.

Unas flores blancas

Estan florecida en toda Florida Central

Es como una llerba mala

Tiene la fragrancia de perlas brillantes.

I think I know why it smelled so nice. Maybe the bush isn't that fragrant after all. If you look closely at the picture you might figure it out? Something is hiding in there.

Que es?
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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sun Rise





Catching a sunrise is a challenge especially on my way to work on the 417. It is a challenge because I want to just stay there looking at the sight. Perhaps if I were a professional photographer, I would dedicate my self to finding the beauty in everyday life. There is so much out there and we whiz right by it. But alas, work beckons.

But back to the sunrise. The 417, after the Beach line exit, heads straight south, and with its overpasses offers a clear view to the east which allows for a spectacular view of the sun rising. Sometimes I must admit, there is not much to see, especially when there are few clouds over head. Then there are times when it's overcast and raining and there are too many clouds and no extravagant colors. More often than not though, this is what I observe. The sun peeking out in splendor, shooting forth it potent rays, dazzling the sky with gilded clouds, and light pink and purples streaks. Clouds ups close and in the distance, dressing in new colors. It is a sight to see and a promise for the day ahead.

So the next time you hear the alarm, don't think "oh no!" Think, "I am going to catch me a sunrise."
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96 Degrees and Under a Shaded Tree

It was a sweltering 96 degrees in Orlando today. 96 degrees. Let that sink in. We had had the most pleasant weather up to now, in the 80's though many of my friends are not complaining but I must admit, I tried to stay out of the sun! Neighbors in the shade waved and wanted to talk a little, and yes I stood in the sun for the time it took me so say less than 50 words and then politely excused myself with the "no can do. It is 96 degrees and my things will melt if I don't put them away... and I will see you guys later." To which they replied, "No problema. See ya." They understood.

Today was one of those days, to drink plenty of ice tea with lemon, on a chaise lounge, under a huge shady tree. Okay, I did one of the three which was the ice tea in my comfortable air conditioned house. Imagine if it were the 1800's when this was Mosquito County! I would have probably been bathing in the Wekiva and fanning myself profusely... glad it is 2010!

Stay cool.

Pink Oleander


Just a better view of the Flower of the Day, the Pink Oleander.
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Jasmine Before and After



On April 26th I was searching for blossoming Jasmine and I only found buds. The only ones already full of fragrant flowers were in the front of the house, on my garden gate. Today, I returned with camera in hand and was able to take a picture of the Jasmine in full bloom. The fragrance is out of this world, and to think I only need to step out on my porch to enjoy it. Somethings take time, but are so worth waiting for.
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Pink Oleander Bush



My back yard: I love it. Here's another reason, a Pink Oleander bush. Not as profuse as I would have it, but an Oleander just the same. So there it is, the Flower of the Day, an Oleander.
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