Monday, September 07, 2009

Growing Impatient

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I had about had it, with my squash plant that is. The flowers are beautiful and all, and I grant you fascinating, but if all that plant was going to give me were flowers that hardly lasted a day, well, that wasn't enough. To make matters worse, the plant was taking over my back yard. It was crossing a path and the other day, in order to be able to mow the yard I had to hack it back with a machete. Today, I decided I had had enough of my unruly unproductive plant. I was bending down to find some dirt to fill a hole just behind that area I wanted to tidy up when what did I see to my utter surprise and delight. A squash, una calabaza!!! The most beautiful perfectly round dark green, I must say sap green calabaza. To think I was about to put it away!! See it for yourself.

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