Saturday, September 27, 2008

Miniture Pottery Animal Clinic

From looking at them now you wouldn't realize they had been through a traumatic experience. I was going through a plastic container that had been tightly sealed and carefully stored in my garage. It contained old items which I put on my refrigerator and had packed away when I was decluttering my kitchen. As I started to discover one by one and reminisce about when I had gotten so and so, I found this little plastic bag. To my shock, I found my miniture collection almost wholly decapitated. Yes, it was a gruesome sight! All the lady kitties convalescing on the right had lost their heads. My pretty Harriet Potter Bunny, the Gentleman with the carrot, had also suffered the same fate. No discrimination here.

The stately Dalmation was purchased on a trip to the Antique shops in Daytona possibly with Juan D. when he got his old bubble gum machine. The Dalmation not only lost its head, but also the tip of its tail and a broken leg. He is still waiting for treatment on his tail according to the traige nurses. Heads you see are more important than tails!

The only ones suspiciously not harmed were from the Central Florida area. The two orkas and the whale, from the theme parks, were intack. Umm. The two black and white canines, friends of the aforementioned Dalmation from Daytona (it must be a Central Florida thing), were also spared but the puppy suffered a severed ear which happily has been reattached. Darn there goes my theory.

I must report that all four Kitties are on a suspect's list as they must have gotten into the cheese, as a little bit is missing. Who knows what melee took place? Could they be the culprits in this sad event? Please no hate mail from cat lovers.

I am presently working on the grey squirrel, and sadly on the little blue bird. I really don't have much hope for the bird which was one of my favorites, and knowing me it will be hard to discard if I do at all. So I am going to do my best to fix it.

So yes all these little creatures have a story to tell, don't they? Is this an allegory?
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Ana said...

Abuelita Elba:

Zee wanted to let you know that she loved your littlest kitty. She hopes you know that she has two pet kitties that she loves very much, Luke and Leia. She is very sorry that your kitties got bet up in the bag, because she liked them very much

The End

From Zanneke

Ana said...

I personally always loved the bunnies and the mice. They are my favorites.

They have been with us for such a long time.

Elba said...

Could you please tell Zee thank you for telling me that she was sorry for my little kitties? I think they are all cute, and I am so happy I was able to patch them up. She can come visit and play a little bit with them when she comes to visit.

Elba said...

Yes the bunnies and the mice, have been with us for many years now. I know I got them in Puerto Rico, but really can't remember where. They are precious aren't they?