Saturday, January 05, 2008

Laughing Irises, Waterlily, and Matorral 2


Here are some of my latest paintings.
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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Did I mention my name is Elba?


How about that? Having a town named after me? Ha! Just joking! It was established way before I was born, in fact in 1884. But just for fun, Annie and I drove over to Elba, New York from Penfield which is about 30 minutes away. What a cute town, and the population is just right! It has a huge High School, nice restaurants, a historical society with a museum, what seemed a town motto, "We will survive," written on the front of a house, and its own post office. I got a chance to talk to one of the locals, the PostMaster, well Mistress, who thought my visit to Elba, was something she would have done and found it as funny as I did. To affirm my visit, I took a lot of pictures and sent myself a postcard and had it stamped from Elba, New York, 14058!
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

More Butterfly Pictures

Get a hold of that Atlas Moth and the hitchhiker!
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Butterfly Garden at the Museum of Play


This is part of the fun I have been having here in Rochester. I was going around with a butterfly unawares, and saw a huge Atlas Moth, the extraordinarily beautiful Common Morpho flying and fluttering in the upper levels and deigned to come down to the plebes ocassionally, unusual cacoons in the finest gold and silver, monarchs, and many more. What a feast for the eyes and only 20 minutes to enjoy. I have got to go back.
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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rosita, Juan, and El Castillo Serralles

Family, there is nothing like it. Here I am with Juan Daniel, Rosita, Kendall, and the Konings ( Nate, too)going around the Castillo Serralles. What a delightful time even though my day started with a flat tire on my way to visit with Abuela Gisela. All's well that ends well, and it was a spectacular day after that. I got a new car and voila, we were on our way to Ponce where we saw the Plaza with its Christmas decorations, it's picturesque architecture and just plain old fashion fun with family while we admired the breathtaking views from the Serralles Castle.

For more pictures of the Serralles Castle go to

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Fun in Rochester

This has been a wonderful Christmas Season.
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Am I having too much fun? Is there such a thing? Having too much fun. Well maybe but not yet. It has been so much fun, that I want to catch it and bottle it. Instead I just have to enjoy it to the fullest, like taking a deep breath, since I will not be here forever and I do have to go back to Orlando. Oh well, it all depends how you look at. In the meantime enjoy, the pictures of Arwen, Zanneke, and Annie. I did also do something serious like go to church this morning and enjoy my own Son in law Chris preach an excellent sermon, Amen on the Lordship of Christ. Jesus Christ is Lord, and the reason for the season and the author of our faith.