Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flamboyanes, El Solito y otros

No se porque pero no hay arboles tan bonitos como los que una persona conoce. Y cuando uno los vuelve a ver es como visitar a un viejo amigo. Aqui estan unos viejos amigos que fueron testigos de muchos paseos con mis hijos a Boqueron, Lajas, Guanica, Ponce y Mayaguez. Los flamboyanes mas rojos, estaban en la carretera entre Salinas y Ponce. Me alinie por la carretera para tomarlos. Que bellos verdad? Y el que esta solito, en medio de la Piquina, cerca de la Estatua del Jibaro Puertorriqueno. que valiente es. Que me dices de la palma resistiendo los vientos y el manglar perdurando alli en la Playa de Ponce? Todos y cada uno establece su lugar aqui en esta islita que esta en tanto desarrollo pero significan tanto para todos nosotros. Que nadie los toque para mal, sino que los deben protejer y valorar. Espero verlos pronto, amigos.
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Lunch at the Cataratas in Naranjito.

It had been a long time since all my siblings were together in one place. You can tell we were having a nice time.
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Viaje a Naranjito

My sisters, my mom, and I took time for a trip to Naranjito, the country town, my mom was born in. Naranjito holds so many memories for me. We stopped on the road to Toa Alta, and bought some fresh vegetables on this road side vegetable stand. Notice all the beautiful colors and ample selection of pina, guineos which are yellow and brown spotted bananas of all types, green limes, limones, calabaza, a type of squash, aguacate (avocados), and purple eggplants. What a feast for the eyes!
Here's mom, I have to take pictures of everything so she will know that we did what we said we did, since her memory is so poor.
Here's the Catarata in Naranjito.
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Can't you just hear it? In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight... I was only a preteen, actually a baby(ha ha), when the song by The Tokens, The Lion Sleeps, Tonight came out. If you go to , you can listen to a portion of the song. I don't know how many times my friends and I sang it, but Hank Medress's voice piercing the night, brings back so many memories of my youth. I can pretty much remember hearing it in passing in Virginia, but really enjoying it, as we walked down the street in Ft. Clayton on the Panama Canal Zone. At that time, you could hear music streaming out of homes and passing cars more frequently. Not the blaring sound like today, but just a normal sound. In fact, in our Twilight Zone existence on the Canal there wasn't much choice as to what was being picked up by the cars or homes since we only had one English speaking radio or TV station on base, AFCN. Armed Forces Communications (?) Network, which played mostly country and actually pretty fun Rock and Roll music, including The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Louie Louie (whoever understood the words) , Cherry, It's My Party, and eventually the Beatles with She Love Me.

Sadly, I just read on the web that Hank Medress who did the vocals, died at the age of 68 after a battle with cancer. May he rest in peace. He had a good life and if you want to read more about him and his life you can go to The link has pictures and an interview which relates a lot of interesting information about how the song came about, the royalties controversy associated with the song, and how it catapulted him into the music business.

I always enjoyed the music of the 50's and 60's a lot! Don't get me started.