Thursday, July 05, 2007

Anxious yet Hopeful

This is Isla Verde early in the morning. I decided to take an early morning drive towards Pinones, but had to get out of the car before crossing the bridge into mysterious and sometimes scary Pinones. Nah, that was only twenty years ago when Pinones was undeveloped but this morning I had no desire to go there. After driving past a long line of cars with anxious yet hopeful drivers about to take their driver's exam in about the most beautiful place on the island, I decided to park on the far end of el Balneario de Isla Verde. This area is lined with a multitude of Flamboyanes, tall and wide, while on the other there are palm trees, sand, and aquamarine and deep navy blue Atlantic waves beakoning each passerby to jump in. But wait, what are those long poles in the water? According to Doris, these tall white poles holding up some sort of metal netting coming out of the sand bar is a contraption to help to keep the beach from eroding. No sand makes for a pretty rocky beach, so I hope it works. In the mean time we will relax and enjoy the view. Don't have to worry about a driver's exam today. Thank goodness I passed that right there a long time ago.

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