Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rosita, Juan, and El Castillo Serralles

Family, there is nothing like it. Here I am with Juan Daniel, Rosita, Kendall, and the Konings ( Nate, too)going around the Castillo Serralles. What a delightful time even though my day started with a flat tire on my way to visit with Abuela Gisela. All's well that ends well, and it was a spectacular day after that. I got a new car and voila, we were on our way to Ponce where we saw the Plaza with its Christmas decorations, it's picturesque architecture and just plain old fashion fun with family while we admired the breathtaking views from the Serralles Castle.

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Fun in Rochester

This has been a wonderful Christmas Season.
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Am I having too much fun? Is there such a thing? Having too much fun. Well maybe but not yet. It has been so much fun, that I want to catch it and bottle it. Instead I just have to enjoy it to the fullest, like taking a deep breath, since I will not be here forever and I do have to go back to Orlando. Oh well, it all depends how you look at. In the meantime enjoy, the pictures of Arwen, Zanneke, and Annie. I did also do something serious like go to church this morning and enjoy my own Son in law Chris preach an excellent sermon, Amen on the Lordship of Christ. Jesus Christ is Lord, and the reason for the season and the author of our faith.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Decorations that Reflect Christ


Just a reflection... I have seen more Jesus in Christmas this year. Maybe, I needed to come to be healed here in this journey to see my mami in a hospital. One of the most loving and tender moments I saw was precisely in the hospital, when the Three Wise Men were visiting the children's ward. You could feel the love, and you wanted to be as silent as a mouse while I rolled the suitcase back to my car, so not to disturb the affection. The difference between a small theater and the ward were all the cables and tubes hanging from the wheel chairs, but their beaming smiles and eyes enveloped the wonder of Christmas.

In fact it was in this same hospital that I saw the most beautiful Christmas tree I have ever seen full of bows carefully made by one of their own employees Then las parrandas or carolers with songs honoring Christ wandering through the hospital floors, and others singing at the toll booth, and yesterday at the Dollar Store. Finally the beautiful mangers or creches in the Mall. That huge one was in Plaza Las Americas. Isn't it beautiful?

I love Jesus, and I am so thankful He came and left his royal throne, and all the comforts and adorations of heaven to humble himself to a mortal human body so we could know him, and so he could one day say, I know exhaustion, work, sacrifice, being used, ignored, hurt, and misunderstood and to know what it is to go through temptation without falling, experience rejection by his own people and still know the assurance of being loved by his Father, experience love and loss, as when Lazarus died, and the anguish of the cross. And still He came.

I love you Jesus, for all of this and who you have been to me. Not a God far away and unconcerned with my deepest needs, but a God who said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you," and it is true. You have always been with me, quietly whispering words of encouragement, warning, advice, and singing over me with love. For all of that and to know that you love me, with all my faults and weaknesses which are many and not new to you.

Thank you.

Happy Birthday, Lord Jesus.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finished Product

This is how the painting looked like when it was finished. I have it hanging on the wall as it dries.
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Three Paintings in Oil


Let's see how they come out. On Saturday, before leaving for Ft. Lauderdale to see Juan Daniel and Virginia, I had to paint. I couldn't get myself to leave unless I painted. To my own surprise, I felt like painting with oil. I have painted with oil but I have felt uneasy about doing it. Mainly because painting with oil is messy while watercolor in general is very clean...I don't end up with paint all over my hands, paper plates, etc. But any way, I did it. I started with a bunch of square where I played with using the spatula, and doing all sorts of designs, and I like the bottom left hand corner the most and thought oh I want to do that in a larger frame, so I locate a sheet of canvas that I already had taped to a board and went at it.. It looks like a cave and the cave ends up in a lot of light, light at the end of a tunnel. The painting being a metaphor of how many of us go through trials and hard times, but there is hope. we will go through this but not stay in it. In addition, I still felt like painting, so I painted some irises. First only the stems. Now I was getting excited, but it was already 11:30. When was I going to leave for goodness sake!? So I left before any real flowers were painted, at least not any of the bright ones.But there was a promise a something to come back to and when I got back last night I think I painted a flower or two, but today was when I really finished it. Yeah!!
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Saturday, December 01, 2007

2 resubmitted and 2 New


I found that two of the paintings were blurry so I rephotographed them and they look a lot better. I wanted celebration to look as crisp as possible.
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Friday, November 30, 2007

They just keep coming....


Flowers in a bog, and flowers in a field, and then God is love.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Paintings

The top one I did last night and the second was this morning, more as a response to the first. I wanted to see what if I painted the other side. Then the last one came all by itself.
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Bursting with Color


Here I was getting ready to paint. Sometimes you are just full of energy and you have to get it out before the real painting begins. So that was what I was doing last night. I went from trying to do some miramelindas, in semi realistic manner, to wild and wacky. The middle one looks like a picture out of focus, and the last one can be called celebration. I think all the celebration was about Annie's new house! New Year's is around the corner, too. Doesn't it look like a celebration?
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Huge Branch Cleared


Here is Adolfo saving the day!
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Welcome Home Surprise


When I got home Saturday this is what I found in front of my house. One of the big branches from my tree had been broken by a moving van and was left on my sidewalk for me to deal with. Foturnately for me, my friends Maria and her husband Adolfo were kind enough to come help me out. Now the problem has been taken care of, Thank God.
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Water Lilies


The originals are breathtaking, and I am trying to capture their transparency, and these are my first two clumsy attempts. Of course I am going to keep at it!
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Framed Art

Can you believe it? Someone has actually gone out and framed something I painted. It is a moment when you see someone, value something you have done. It makes you think. Cool.

So I had to overdo it and take three pictures, but I also wanted you to see the frames because it makes the artwork just hang in the air, sort of.
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