Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lobby at Ft. Wilderness Lodge

The moment we stepped into the Lodge's lobby, we were greeted by Stan, a very knowledgeable gentleman. He seemed to know all the ins and outs of the hotel. First he informed us that the interior wood was brought from Oregon by truckload, and none of the wood was live but standing deadwood. A gifted woodcarver was engaged and did all the wood carvings in the lobby, which included a wolf howling at the moon, elk, beavers, bears, and deer, among others. Notice the beautiful teepees used as lamp shades. It was impressive to say the least! Posted by Picasa

The Fireplace

At Ft. Wilderness they do every thing in style. Notice the size of this fireplace with its very elaborate ironwork. The big open lobby was full of authentic indian crafts from the Blackfeet and other tribes. The crafts made it feel historic though many other things were replicas from the Old West. Posted by Picasa

Goofy Totem Pole

I know my granddaughters would get a kick out of going here and seeing this totem pole! So here's grandma! Posted by Picasa

Ft. Wilderness Lodge

Now doesn't that look like Montana? Well guess what, it ain't! It's Ft. Wilderness Lodge in Disneyland. After getting lost at least three times trying to get there, we finally found this well hidden hotel which is an attraction all by itself. As if we hadn't already been manhandled the night before we decided that we were ready for more punishment. Not that the Lodge was unwelcoming, but we went to a restaurant there that is designed more for woodsmen that ladies, but again, it was all done in jest. This time I was the target and our waitress MT, short for More Trouble, made us laugh like crazy! Posted by Picasa

A Night at Capone's Dinner Theatre

Last weekend, Lydia came down with her momma, Mrs. Glover, and good friend Betty and we all went out on the town to a dinner theatre. Here we are with infamous Vinny, our waiter, who was a riot. He waited for Betty to go get seconds and then yelled in a gruff voice, "Hey, you, Betty, ya through with this chicken?, Huh?," like a true gangster. In this pose again true to his part, he was pointing the gun at me, but alas, I control the crop, and the gun is gone! The show was funny, full of dance and song reminisent of Chicago in the 40's. Posted by Picasa